Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) Technology

Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) standardizes NMR systems and sample processing to ensure reproducible results on different NMR instruments.

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Advanced. Automated. Affordable. Mastering Metabolite Networks for Real-Time Precision Medicine.

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AXINON® System

AXINON® is the first modular software-based system providing hardware, operating system, MGS® processor and individual test applications.

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numares. |One Sample - All Answers.


Locations: Boston, MA;
Regensburg, GE; Singapore


employees of medical and
scientific disciplines


Founded as a spin-off of
Regensburg University


analyses worldwide with numares

Mastering Metabolite Constellations. |For Precision Diagnostics.

numares is an innovative diagnostics company. We focus on the discovery, development and commercialization of diagnostic tests, using metabolite constellations to solve unmet medical needs that could not be addressed by single biomarker-based medicine.


Our diagnostic test are based on the interpretation of biomarker in the metabolism, whose dynamics and relation to each other allow for predicting disease progression. These metabolite constellations create diagnostics of a new generation: non-invasive, timely and meaningful at manageable costs.

Company Milestones


numares announces collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories on the development of new diagnostic tests


numares completes another financing round


Start of pan-European multicenter study PARASOL to evaluate metabolite constellations to detect kidney allograft rejection


Launch of AXINON® renalTX-SCORE®-U100: first metabolomics IVD test for allograft rejection diagnostics after kidney transplantation


Collaboration with Oxford University on the development of Multiple Sclerosis diagnostic test


1,000.000 performed analyses


numares completes another financing round


Launch of CE-marked IVD test AXINON® lipoFIT®-S100 for comprehensive NMR-based lipoprotein profiling


600.000 performed analyses


Successful completion of studies on kidney transplantation


Cooperation with a German laboratory network: commissioning of a test system for lipoprotein profiling


200.000 performed analyses


Bulk order from a U.S. laboratory chain: installation of multiple test systems for lipoprotein profiling


Successful certification of numares according to EN ISO 13485: 2012 as a manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD)


100.000 performed analyses


Certification as per EN ISO 13485:2003

As off 2005

Measurements within large studies such as GRAPHIC and KORA


First patent for the determination of lipoproteins in body fluids (lipoprotein profiling)


“We at numares are convinced that using A.I. and our proprietary methods to depict meaningful metabolite constellations will take patient health care and precision medicine to a new level.”

Dr. Volker Pfahlert

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Executive Board at numares


“With software-based diagnostic tests for our modular AXINON® IVD System, we are focusing on improving patient care at affordable healthcare costs.”

Dr. Claus Botzler, MBA

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Board at numares


“The single biomarker-based medicine is at its limits. Exploiting the dynamics of metabolite biomarker constellations opens up undreamt-of possibilities to solve important medical questions.”

Dr. Philipp Pagel

Chief Medical Officer at numares 


“AXINON® combines flexibility, personalization and high-tech - ideal conditions to make diagnostics available for everyone, to minimize healthcare costs and maximize shareholder value.”

Florian Voss

Chief Financial Officer at numares

“Although our AXINON® IVD System requires only minimal operator interaction, it is our claim to accompany our clients with the best support – beyond set-up and maintenance.”

Dr. Lutz Niggl

Head of Service at numares 


“numares is a leader in multiple biomarker diagnostics using the power of machine learning. This is the next wave of novel, high-value clinical diagnostics, embodied by numares' AXINON® IVD System, which harnesses NMR to enable
real-world metabolomics.

Winton Gibbons, MBA

President US Office at numares 


“The combination of metabolomics and MGS® to develop new, meaningful diagnostic solutions holds great potential. It is my aim making numares' disruptive diagnostic technology available to US customers.

Sean Keohane, MBA

Vice President US Marketing & Sales at numares 


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