Personalized Diagnostics. Why It Matters.

Born with one kidney. What happens when you’re 26 and it fails?

Alex Berrios is a fighter.

When many are launching careers and families, Alex, at age 26, learned he was born with just one kidney. And it was failing fast, due to an autoimmune disorder, previously undiagnosed. Today at 43, his easy smile and warm demeanor telegraph a positivity that belies his health status as a transplant recipient, one who’s now back on dialysis following the recent failure of his donor kidney. 

What Alex needs. A better kidney function test. 

“A more accurate kidney function test will help me know my numbers, earlier in my disease journey.” 

“If known early enough, I can make changes in my medications or diet to keep my function stable.” 

Precise kidney function assessment. It makes a difference.

Dietary changes 
Precise assessment lets Alex know if he needs to modify his diet. 

Medication management 
He’s on four medications, including phosphorus binders, cholesterol control and a blood thinner. 

Infection control 
His peritoneal dialysis (inserting tubing into the abdomen) has caused serious infections. These often require vancomycin, one of the strongest antibiotics. It’s also toxic to the kidneys, so adjusting the dose is critical.  

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