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LipoFIT Analytic GmbH has a new name: numares GmbH

Regensburg, 07.11.2012 - On 01.11.2012 LipoFIT Analytic GmbH in Regensburg was renamed to numares GmbH. Under the overall title of numares GROUP, the specialist in the field of NMR analysis divides its expertise up into the business areas HEALTH, ENERGY and PLANTS. This is an effort by the management to emphasize the company’s realignment as a test developer and provider of innovative systems.

The numares GROUP is focused on the development of analysis applications using NMR technology (such as measurement methods and evaluation algorithms) and their use in various fields of research. The findings are used in the 3 business areas HEALTH, PLANTS and ENERGY and implemented to create innovative products and applications. The new name echoes the technology mainly used: NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance).

"Our company has made excellent progress. New employees have joined us, more devices have been put into operation, additional premises have been obtained and above all a new alignment has been implemented. This has led to our company being renamed.  We have new objectives too of course: in our various functions from analytics service provider to a company that uses NMR technology to develop innovative products and tests in different areas such as medicine, plant breeding and renewable energy. We hope that our new company name reflects this diversity and the broader market positioning that comes with it, says Dr. Fritz Huber, founder and CEO of numares GROUP.

About the individual business areas:

The current focus of the business unit numares HEALTH is the development of medical tests with a CE marking (e.g. to assess the risk of coronary heart disease) and of an analysis platform for use in clinical routine. The R&D activities are currently focused on the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular diseases, oncology and nephrology. In the area of ​​nephrology, numares HEALTH has developed/is developing a test for the early detection of graft rejection after renal transplantation.

The business unit numares PLANTS supports plant breeders in their breeding operations as well as quality departments of the plant-processing industries. This includes for example providing relevant ingredients for the selection of breeding candidates as well as the quality control of plant materials and finished products.
The business unit numares ENERGY develops systems and provides information for the control of biogas plants and assessment of raw materials for their use as substrates in biogas plants.

For further information please contact:

Christiane Proll MBA
numares GmbH
Josef- Engert- Str. 9
93053 Regensburg
Tel.:      +49 941 280949-14
Email:     christiane.proll(at)

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