Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) Technology

Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) standardizes NMR systems and sample processing to ensure reproducible results on different NMR instruments.

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Advanced. Automated. Affordable. Mastering Metabolite Networks for Real-Time Precision Medicine.

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AXINON® System

AXINON® is the first modular software-based system providing hardware, operating system, MGS® processor and individual test applications.

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Kick off meeting with the Mayo Clinic Laboratories at BioPark, Dr. Pfahlert 2nd f.l., Copyright numares AG/ Christiane Proll

numares AG further on the path to success

numares AG, an innovative diagnostics company with its headquarters at BioPark Regensburg, has successfully expanded its activities worldwide. The company develops and markets diagnostic test systems to measure individual metabolic profiles for patients. The synergies with universities and medical institutions are absolutely critical.

Today with 60 employees, numares AG is the leading company worldwide for medical diagnostics based on NMR-spectroscopy. The company uses its diagnostic tests to measure individual metabolic patterns. These patterns provide the treating clinician with valuable information about the development, extent and severity of the disease process. The application of combining clinical data and the biomarker network with artificial intelligence is completely new for clinical diagnostics. The success story began in 2004 when numares AG moved its main location to BioPark Regensburg, an enterprise of the City of Regensburg. Originally founded as a spin-off from the professorial chair for biophysics and physical chemistry at the University of Regensburg, the company has known since its existence the significance of an agile network with universities and research institutions in the fields of medicine, technology and IT. The company would like to further expand and create additional synergies in AI and machine learning within the network and specialties of Regensburg Universities. To attract more newcomers to the MINT fields (mathematics, IT, natural sciences, technology) the company has recently made the decision to work together with the organization MINT-Labs Regensburg.

At the BioPark Regensburg location, diagnostic tests based on biomarker networks are being developed to open up new diagnostic options in the fields of cardiovascular disease, transplantation, oncology and nephrology. All tests are performed on a system developed by numares AG which translates the NMR-measurements by means of software (AI) into diagnostic findings. Furthermore NMR technology does not require additional chemicals in the testing process and is thereby environmentally friendly. In particular the numares research and development model has translated to commercial success in the US healthcare market. In the past year alone, multiple clinical laboratories have carried out 400,000 tests worldwide; and to date 1.5 million tests have been conducted using numares technology. Additionally, in 2019, a collaboration on the development of further clinical diagnostic tests was started with the Mayo Clinic in the USA, one of the world’s leading healthcare institutions.

The first priority for numares remains close collaboration with doctors, scientists and industry partners on site, as the basis for innovation. This is where localization and globalization complement each other perfectly. Although the company has subsidiaries in Boston and Singapore, it is building up partner networks in Great Britain and Malaysia amongst others although the largest market remains the USA. Regensburg offers an important advantage for innovation with its proximity to the University and local scientific community. Dr. Volker Pfahlert, Director of the Board explains: “We have here in the immediate vicinity, fertile soil for creativity and innovation. Our vision is further expansion at the Regensburg research location. An “ecosystem” for exchange and collaboration with a view currently of building a research and technology network is of great interest to us and further defines the advantage of the location”. The diagnostics company has been cooperating successfully with the Regensburg University Hospital for a long time. For example, a new test is currently being trialed to detect kidney rejection after transplantation in a multicenter study throughout Europe including Regensburg. The development of this test together with Professor Bernhard Banas working group of the Department of Nephrology at the Uniclinic Regensburg was an important milestone and the beginning of the agile network at numares AG.

About numares

numares AG, based in Regensburg, Germany, is a fast-growing innovative diagnostics company that applies machine learning to metabolomics data to develop advanced analytical tests for high-throughput use in clinical diagnostics and life science research. The AXINON® System employs nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to create a “numaric” spectrum to evaluate metabolic constellations. Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) is a proprietary technology that enables NMR for highly standardized and rapid throughput testing. Metabolic tests stand as an important pillar in precision medicine to address unmet needs in cardiovascular diseases, nephrology, oncology and neurology. 

For further information please contact:

Christiane Proll
Tel.:    +49 941 280 949-14
E-Mail: christiane.proll(at) 

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