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numares GmbH joins the Association of German Diagnostics Industry (VDGH)

Regensburg, 12.06.2013 - In early June of this year, numares joined the Association of German Diagnostics Industry (VDGH). The Bavarian in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) manufacturer is thus the newest member among 95 other companies in the diagnostics and life science industry that produce IVD medical products including analytical and test systems for use in medical diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The VDGH as a trade association represents the business interests of German diagnostics manufacturers and life science research companies in the political and economic sector.

The business unit numares HEALTH develops innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for a variety of indications. The basis of the test developments is the human metabolism that mirrors pathophysiological changes (use of metabolomics methodology). The IVD tests are non-invasive tests on the basis of human body fluids such as blood or urine that can make medical diagnostics and prevention of diseases possible at an early stage and enable therapies to be monitored. One of the things numares HEALTH is currently working on is the development of a CE-marked laboratory test for better assessing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The company's goal is to integrate its medical products into laboratory diagnostics and put them into clinical routine.

"In keeping with the VDGH ‘mission statement' to" improve preventive health measures and curative medical care", we feel optimally supported by the association in the "development and supply of innovative products with great benefits for patients and society" says Dr. Volker Pfahlert, CEO of numares HEALTH, commenting on the company’s membership in the trade association. "The VDGH provides us with the latest information on all relevant political, economic and regulatory decisions, as well as assistance and professional advice. The best possible foundation for numares HEALTH to market innovative in vitro diagnostics economically and successfully based on mutual cooperation and interaction between the association and its members."

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