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World's first CE-labeled NMR-based in-vitro diagnostic system: numares announces lipoFIT-S100 market launch

Regensburg, March 4, 2015 – The company numares, located in Regensburg, Germany is launching the world's first CE-labeled NMR-based in-vitro diagnostic system with its test lipoFIT-S100 based on the Axinon test system. lipoFIT-S100 uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to allow for comprehensive analysis of lipoproteins (LP) and selected metabolites. This enables diagnostic and research laboratories to measure LP particle concentrations on their own and add advanced lipoprotein analyses to the routine.

numares is an established supplier of innovative high-throughput testing methods for medical diagnostics with numerous years of expertise in the NMR spectroscopic analysis of lipoproteins in human serum. The company is now introducing a diagnostic system to the market which will allow users to quickly and reliably determine a multi-layered lipoprotein profile. The test system enables the analysis of LP particle concentrations in LP fractions and sub-fractions as well as average particle diameter for the primary fractions, which it then uses to calculate standard values such as total cholesterol and total triglycerides as well as total HDL and LDL cholesterol.

Additionally, the system includes an LP panel (cholesterol concentrations in LP fractions and sub-fractions) customized for the current LP electrophoresis method, making for instance quick comparison with electrophoresis research results possible. The test system also provides values for glucose, lactate, and four amino acids (alanine, leucine, isoleucine, valine) within the framework of the same measurement.

"With a throughput of more than 250 samples per day, lipoFIT-S100 is suitable for use in the diagnostic routine as well as for clinical trials. A high level of precision, full automation and simple use characterize the system," says Dr. Maximilian Zucker, Head of Research and Development and Senior Executive Vice President at numares. "Hence, it can be easily put to use in any medical lab," he explains.

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