Targeted Metabolomics

Our standardized, fully automated NMR based AXINON® platform allows high-quality metabolomics for study endpoints.

We offer targeted metabolomics for companion diagnostic (CDx) discovery - hepatic/cardiac/renal profiles combined into constellations of relevant metabolites.

Targeted Metabolomics. |For Companion Diagnostics.

Metabolomics is focused on characterization of small molecules which provide a snapshot of physiologic networks and describes the current state of physiological and metabolic processes.

NMR based metabolomics is QUANTITATIVE and highly reproducible. numares has developed the fully-automated AXINON® platform allowing for high-quality metabolomics data to be obtained in a robust and reproducible way. numares offers targeted metabolomics - hepatic/cardiac/renal profiles combined into constellations of relevant metabolites for Companion Diagnostics (CDx) discovery.

Hepatic/Cardiac/Renal Profiling. |With NMR Metabolomics.

Advanced. Automated. Affordable.

This targeted metabolomics profiling includes numerous clinically relevant metabolites which are established tests in clinical practice and reported and studied as endpoints in numerous clinical trials. The HEPATIC/CARDIAC/RENAL Profiles provide a snapshot of physiologic networks and describe the current state of physiological and metabolic processes for cardiovascular, renal and liver diseases.

The HEPATIC/CARDIAC/RENAL Profiles include:

  • Standard Lipid Profile (Direct Quantitation)
  • Advanced Lipoprotein (Subfraction) Analysis
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Metabolomics based kidney function
  • 30+ clinically established metabolites

numares' metabolomics profiling provides data for surrogate study endpoints that focus on NASH, Liver Disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, Renal Disease, Renal Processes, Cholesterol Metabolism, Lipid Disorders, Atherosclerosis, HTN, Heart Disease, Drug Therapy and Epidemiology issues.

Technology. |The <i>AXINON<sup>&reg;</sup> Platform</i>.

Easy. Fast. Efficient.

INTEGRATIVE METABOLOMICS – the AXINON® platform with Magnetic Group SignalingTM technology automates signal to data transition for highly accurate and reproducible metabolomics profiling. Coupled with our process for statistical identification of metabolite cohorts and networks, we can provide robust data analysis for association studies.

Benefit from:

  • access through national and regional CLIA certified laboratories
  • highly accurate and reproducible metabolite measurement
  • full spectra for analysis of 300-400 quantitative biomarkers
  • high standardization, fully automated, high-throughput operation
  • non-destructive process; allows secondary patient sample analysis
  • expertise in establishing metabolite constellations in clinical tests


Learn more about numares targeted metabolomics approach and which metabolites are covered by the Hepatic/Cardiac/Renal profiles:

* For Research Use only in the United States. numares’ technolgy is available for partners within the United States.

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