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numares HEALTH presented innovative developments in NMR diagnostics at Forum Life Science 2013

The NMR diagnostics company numares HEALTH was an exhibitor at this year's Forum Life Science. From 13 to 14 March 2013, numares HEALTH presented its developments in the field of diagnostic tests for use in clinical practice and medical research.

High-throughput diagnostics with NMR

numares HEALTH develops innovative diagnostic tests based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy for various indications. With the AXINONplatform, numares HEALTH offers a reliable, fast and flexible analysis system intended for use in medical laboratories. Used in conjunction with AXINON, the test lipoFIT-S100 for example allows the size distribution of lipoproteins in serum to be determined in high throughput.

Metabolomics in clinical use and laboratory diagnostics

Additional diagnostic tests are undergoing development at numares HEALTH. The basis of the test developments is the human metabolome that mirrors pathophysiological changes. The NMR spectroscopic detection of all metabolic products (metabolites), e. g. in serum or urine, opens up a unique insight into the processes and changes in the metabolism of (incipient) diseases.

Examples of diagnostic test development with NMR

Based on well-characterized patient populations, numares HEALTH evaluates the importance of lipoprotein subfractions for the risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases and for the early detection of diabetes mellitus and congenital lipid metabolic disorders (dyslipidemia). In the field of transplantation, numares HEALTH investigates the mechanisms associated with kidney graft rejection. The aim of research in this area is to develop a non-invasive diagnostic test that can reliably identify a graft rejection early on. In oncology, the aim is to use metabolite signatures for the diagnosis, follow-up and support of therapeutic decisions. numares HEALTH is currently developing a urine-based test for the diagnosis and classification of prostate cancer. All tests will be usable via NMR as a high-throughput application in clinical routine.

At the Forum Life Science in Garching (Booth #10), a multidisciplinary team of experienced scientists will answer all questions from interested visitors regarding the possibilities of NMR technology.

Media contact

numares AG
Dipl.-Biol. Christiane Proll, MBA
Tel.:    +49 941 2809 49-14
E-Mail: christiane.proll(at)

Dr. Reinhard Saller
Tel.:    +49 89 2000 30-38
E-Mail: reinhard.saller(at)

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