Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®)-Technologie

Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) standardisiert NMR-Systeme und Probenprozessierung zur Gewährleistung reproduzierbarer Ergebnisse auf unterschiedlichen NMR-Geräten.

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Zukunftsweisend. Automatisiert. Bezahlbar. Metabolische Konstellationen für eine Präzisionsmedizin in Echtzeit.

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AXINON® ist das erste modulare softwarebasierte System für die klinische Diagnostik, das Hardware, Betriebssystem, MGS®-Prozessor mit mehreren individuelle Testanwendungen bereitstellt.

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numares and Bruker sign agreement to enable advanced metabolomics-based clinical diagnostics

BOSTON, USA/REGENSBURG, GERMANY – January 21, 2021: Leading metabolomics based diagnostics company  numares AG and analytical instrumentation and solution provider Bruker Corporation have signed an agreement to collaborate to bring new diagnostics tests utilizing NMR to the laboratory market for unmet medical needs. The tests are based on the automated measurement of metabolites using a strong magnet field, and artificial intelligence. The platform is marketed under the numares brand AXINON®.

Based on a longstanding collaboration between the two companies, the agreement creates a combination of numares’ expertise in leveraging metabolomics for software-based diagnostics with world-leading nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology from Bruker. This leads to more rapid, accurate and personalized information about the severity and progress of diseases.

This collaboration will support the ongoing transition of AXINON® platform from research into routine clinical use, and makes it available to all patients as an affordable, day-to-day diagnostic standard. Two years ago, numares started a collaboration with US-based Mayo Clinic for joint diagnostic test development using metabolomics and NMR. The collaboration of numares and Bruker now marks a further milestone in the numares vision to bring these technologies into routine diagnostics.

The AXINON® platform based on NMR spectroscopy is a non-invasive technique that is uncovering new potential for the prevention and treatment of disease, including conditions in the kidney, heart, and liver, as well as cancer. The numares system measures various metabolic patterns and applies artificial intelligence (AI) to cluster and translate the results into clinical diagnosis. This rich source of information gives healthcare professionals new insight into disease management, and gives patients fast access to the right treatment. Likewise, the AXINON® platform also supports disease risk prediction, paving the way to new developments in precision medicine and companion diagnostics.  

Dr. Volker Pfahlert, Director of the Board of numares says: “Our agreement will help to expand the exciting potential of NMR technology, long established in academic and clinical research, to the clinical diagnostics industry where numares already has a strong customer base. It paves the way for market entry of NMR diagnostics under FDA regulations, a prerequisite to make it accessible to all patients as day-to-day applications in routine clinical diagnostics. It will support numares to better utilize its test development in several indications such as kidney disease, liver disease or neurological disorders.”

Dr. Iris Mangelschots, President of Bruker BioSpin’s Applied, Clinical and Industrial division comments: “The pandemic of 2020 has brought unimaginable challenges on a global scale. With the world’s spotlight sharply focused on the healthcare industry, our business has accelerated to develop the technology and diagnostic solutions that is desperately needed. The innovations born out of this demand have paved the way for future, highly advanced new product developments. Partnering with numares will bring our technology to the frontline healthcare industry, where it is most needed. NMR technology delivers the robust and reproducible results needed to support the advanced AI modelling techniques deployed by numares. Together, our complementary technologies offer a powerful arm in the fight against disease of the future.”

Co-CEO and President of numares Group Corp. Winton Gibbons concludes: “This agreement is a further important step in the commercialization of our products in the US. With GFRNMR we will soon launch a novel blood test to help identify and quantify impaired kidney function in patients with this more accurate, easy-to-access, and affordable diagnostic standard.”


Über numares
numares mit Sitz in Regensburg, Deutschland, ist ein schnell wachsendes, innovatives Diagnostikunternehmen, das maschinelles Lernen auf Stoffwechseldaten anwendet, um fortschrittliche analytische Tests für den Hochdurchsatz in der klinischen Diagnostik und der biowissenschaftlichen Forschung zu entwickeln. Das AXINON®-System des Unternehmens nutzt die Kernspinresonanz-Spektroskopie (NMR), um ein durch Magnetic Group SignalingTM (MGS®) standardisiertes Spektrum zur Bewertung von Metaboliten-Konstellationen zu erstellen. MGS® ist eine proprietäre Technologie, die NMR für hoch standardisierte und schnelle Durchsatztests befähigt. Stoffwechseltests liefern medizinische Informationen in den Indikationsgebieten Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen, Nephrologie, Onkologie sowie Neurologie und sind damit ein wichtiger Pfeiler in der Präzisionsmedizin, Weitere Informationen:


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